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1.    Participants must understand all the rules of this competition before joining the event.  Violation of the rules may result in the participant’s disqualification.

2.    CNMI licensed physicians have the full authority to dismiss a participant when judged unfit to continue the race.

3.    All competitors are prohibited from using alcoholic beverages, stimulants and other unlawful stimulants during the race.

4.    To ensure the safety of all the participants, a triathlete judged unfit to complete the event or race within the time limit will be instructed to stop or withdraw from the race.

5.    Participant who stayed more than 15 minutes inside a transition area will be judged unfit to continue and subject to disqualifications.

6.    Triathlon is an individual sport.  Except for the set rules, “no help may be received from any persons or things”.  Furthermore, the interference on the progress of other triathlete is prohibited.

7.    Participants must exhibit sportsmanship and be responsible for their actions.  Problems resulting from the conduct of a participant may result in his/her disqualification.

8.    Modification or alteration of items provided by the organizers is prohibited.

9.    All participants must obey CNMI traffic rules, race rules and obey race officials and police instruction.  Participants stopped by the above mentioned officials are not allowed to take time out of the inconvenience.

10.    All participants must complete all three events (swim, bike and run) six hours after the start of the triathlon.Swim max is 1 hour.

11.    If a participant quits on his/her own accord, he/she must notify the race officials.

12.    Using another person or thing to gain a favorable advantage is prohibited and participant may be disqualified.

13.    Participants are responsible to know the course outline and direction throughout the race.  Passing the check points will be disqualified.  Participants who stray off course and return to the course without physical assistance of others may continue the race.

14.    Only when attempting to overtake or pass is it permissible to move closer to the front runner.  Passing or overtaking another participant must always be made on the left hand side of the person being passed.  If you decide that a overtake of pass is not possible, you must immediately distance yourself according to the event requirements.  This rule also applies when someone overtakes or passes you.

15.    Participants must stop completely when instructed to stop by the Marshal.

16.    Other than those provided by the event organizers, special food or drinks are not allowed, except those which is carried with the triathlete on with his belongings.



1.    Wet suits are not allowed in open category, optional for other.

2.    All participants must wear official swim cap as provided by the event organizers.  Please note that swim cap also serves as safety device by marking the swimmers position.

3.    The use of any aides such as fins, paddles and /or snorkel equipment, etc. is prohibited.

4.    The following items may be used in this event, goggles, underwater eyeglasses, vaseline, grease, sun block lotion and/or cream.

5.    Participants may hold to a course buoy or rope to rest.  Participants resting for a period longer than 5 minutes will be disqualified.

6.    Hanging on and pulling forward on a course buoy or rope is prohibited.

7.    Participants advancing without swimming will be disqualified.

8.    Participants completing his swimming event must disrobe and/or change clothes at the designated disrobing area.  Change of clothing at the bike storage area is permitted only if it does not interfere with progress of other participants.

9.    Goal-line for the swimming event closes 1 hour (7:05 a.m.) after the start of the race.    Participants still in the water after the elapsed time limit will be disqualified.

10.    Passing is not permitted between shore –line and the goal-line clock check point.

11.    You must follow the designated course at all times.  Please follow the rope leading towards the bicycle event and listen to the instruction of the race officials.

12.    To insure the safety of all the participants, a participant judged unfit to complete the swimming event within that time will be instructed to stop.



1.     Transiton check helmet required before leaving transition, with chin strap locked.

2.    All participants must put the allotted number stickers on the specified location.

3.    Participants must wear a hard top helmets at all times during the bicycle event.  Hard top helmets must be equipped with a locking chin strap.

4.    Hard hats, helmets with chin straps are mandatory for bike course, and must be worn at all times while riding, pushing bike or carrying your bike.

5.    Always allow 2 bicycle lengths between the front cyclist and yourself.

6.    Drafting or running your bicycle parallel to other cyclist to avoid the side wind is prohibited.  Participants considered drafting will be instructed to stop for a time, penalty by the marshal (failure to stop may result in a disqualification).  Participants considered drafting for a second time will be subject to a disqualification

7.    Equipment or mechanical problems must be dealt with by participant himself.

8.    Riding your bicycle inside the bicycle transit area is not permitted.  Bicycles must be pushed to the bicycle event starting point.  Participants riding their bicycle inside the bicycle transit are will be disqualified.

9.    There are three bicycle event check points on the course namely, As Lito, Kobler Road, Bird Island and Banzai Cliff.  Participants must slow down and pass through the check point in order to get accurate turn counts.  If you fail to do so and do not get checked off by officials, you will be disqualified.

10.    To insure the safety of all the participants, a participant judged unfit to complete the bicycle event within the time limit will be instructed to stop.

11.    No time limit.  Triathletes must complete the swim, bike and run events six hours after the start of the triathlon.


1.     Participants are permitted to run, walk and or crawl only.  Any other form of movement is prohibited.

2.    To insure the safety of all the participants, a participant judged unfit to complete the running event within the time limit will be instructed to stop.



1.    Participant must stop completely when instructed to stop by the Marshal. Failure to stop may result in a disqualification

2.    If a participant does not correct his/her conduct (as instructed by the Marshal), the head judge can disqualify him/her unfit as a sportsman.

3.    If drafting occurs in the bicycle event, the judge will instruct violator to stop (for a time penalty).  Participants considered drafting for a second time will be subjected to a disqualification.


1.     Decision of judges or complaints about other participants must be submitted in writing after the race within an hour from the withdrawal of the race.  The judges will deal with the complaints and investigate the situation.  The decision of the judges is final.

2.    Official complaints must be submitted in writing and within an hour after the completion of the race at PIC Headquarters.

3.    Disclaimer:  Other instances not covered by the event rules will be dealth on a case to case basis by the judges.


1.    Swim 2000m    - 1 hour 20 minutes

2.    Bike- 60km

3.    Run-15km

6 hours (after swim start)

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